Process of Enrollment

First step is to complete and submit an application

You will receive a call from your Enrollment Specialists to set an interview

  • This interview can be preformed in your home or at BBBSMC.
  • Interview will consist of questions to be answered by the child and guardian.

You will be added to our wait list until the right match is found

  • This process can take a few weeks to a few months.
  • Matches are made based on similar backgrounds, life experiences, schedules, personalities and interests of both our volunteers and youth.

BBBSMC will present what we believe is the best match option

  • Guardian will have the chance to review the profile of a potential volunteer.  Please do not share with the child at this time to avoid any disappointment.
  • You can dismiss any profile and wait for a better match.

When both guardian and volunteer agree on the possible match, we will set a Parent Volunteer meeting .  This meeting:

  • Allows guardian and volunteer to meet without the pressure of moving forward
  • Child is not present and should not know of meeting.
  • We will discuss each parties interests, personalities & history.  We will also discuss scheduling, money, expectations and more.
  • Each party will leave this meeting and decide in 24 hours whether the match is right for them.

When the volunteer & guardian agree on presented match, a match meeting is schedules for the Big, Little and guardian to meet for the first time.

  • Staff attends to introduce, revisit guidelines and answer questions.

Once the match is made, our Match Support Specialist will check in monthly with the guardian, Little and Big to see how the friendship is developing, will offer ideas and opportunities and provide one-to-one coaching as needed. This provides a structured way of identifying challenges and strengthening the communication between the Big, Little, guardian and staff while also focusing on child safety.

*** Keeping in touch with staff throughout the match is a requirement of the program.**