Your Role

We need you to be an active partner!

We know it takes a special guardian to get a Big Brother or Big Sister for their child. Guardians are important partners in helping to build a meaningful friendship between their children and volunteers.

  • Monthly conversations with your Match Support Specialist are required.
  • Big Brothers and Big Sisters are “older friends.” They are not baby sitters, disciplinarians, financial support, taxi service, or counselors.
  • Time with a Big is special. Don’t punish your child and say they cannot see their Big. Often, this time will help your child’s overall behavior.
  • Be flexible. Remember that the Big Brother or Big Sister is a volunteer, and has a busy schedule too.
  • Help make sure that your child returns phone calls and stays in regular contact with the volunteer. Regular contact is important to the success of the match.
  • Help find the best times for outings to occur, and make sure that your child is prepared: proper clothing, ready on time, limited spending money if needed.
  • Make sure that you know details of each planned activity and give your approval in advance. Know when they will return home and make a point of being home.
  • Always ask about what the activities were, where they took place, who else was involved and your child’s feelings about the visit.
  • Please don’t ask that siblings be included. This is special for your child.

In summary, the top rules are:

  • Know what your child is doing with their Big Brother or Big Sister
  • Communicate any concerns, positive stories and information to BBBS staff
  • Be an active partner in the relationship!